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Welcome to Aberdeen Compass Adjusting Ltd.

All your compass adjusting, repair and servicing needs for magnetic compasses worldwide.
Despite advances in Electronic navigation, the magnetic compass is a valuble and necessary aid to navigation, operating independently and it's a SOLAS requirement to have it fully adjusted and ready for navigational purposes at regular intervals/events as specified by ISO25862: 2009 standards.
CNITA members who provide Compass Adjusting services use Compass Adjusters having professional qualifications recognised in the locality in which they operate.
CNITA Members can provide Compass Adjusters, who are available day and night to "swing" ships, in most major ports and elsewhere by arrangement. 
The compass adjusting aims to rectify the effects of what's known as "deviation" by placing corrector magnets adjacent to the compass enabling it to align correctly.

Adjusting, otherwise known as “Swinging the ship” involves the adjuster sailing with the ship to open waters and using known bearings to correctly align the compass and reduce the deviation.
SOLAS Chapter V Regulation 19 (Annex 13) requires a ship’s Standard Magnetic Compass to be properly adjusted.